Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adsense Trick No1

How AdSense works, the basics
You put ads on your website, your visitor see those ads. and when they click on them you get money. if you are thinking that the whole thing is simple as that; then wake up, your in a dream.
Google place their ads, anyone can see them but google will start tracing them if they click on the ads. but the million dollar question is how they trace the clicker? here how they do it:
1. By Cookie.
2. By IP address.
3. By Referrer.
4. By User-agent.
5. Screen Resolution.

We will try to beat google in this tutorial. By hiding or faking those informations.
Now to the earing section. How google calculate earing. if you get your first visitor, your impression will be 1. Impression means now many times your ads are shown to the public. google will calculate the impressions and the clicks, and pay you that amount. But if your 1st visitor clicked on a ad, it will be suspicious. because google will do this calculation:

number of clicks (divided by) number of impression (%)
it will give a numerical result like 10% so google is calculating the ratio of the clicks and impressions. think that you have 13 impressions and 1 visitor clicked on a ad, so the calculation is
1 / 13% = 7.69230769
this number is called the CTR. but if you have 1 impression and 1 click your CTR will grow to 100. google will ban you if the CTR is higher then 10. [7-9 is safe]
Every ad has it own value. like an insurance ad, it is a 14$ ad. google will not pay that amount to you per click. if your CTR is 7, google will divide the amount with CTR. and you will get the result. like:
14/7=2$/per click
so getting the high paying ads are important. i will show you how to get it.
Getting Started
1: Get an adsense account from
they will approve your account in 1-2 days.
2: create a new php or html page and paste there the adsense code.
3: download “high paying keywords” and paste it there.
4. you can add something cool to your website, like counter or “what my ip”
note: remember to keep it simple. don’t make it so heavy.
You will need
1. Autoit. Download:
2. FireFox Addons:
a) User-agent switcher Download:
b) RefControl Download:
3. Hide my ip. Download:
4. Referrer list and user-agent list. Download from
NOTE: The main thing is creating the autoit script.
Getting the Impression
1. Download autoit and install.
2. Right click on your desktop and go to: New>Autoit V3 script
3. Now goto start menu>autoitV3>AutoIt Window Info
4. On the “AutoIt Window Info”, goto “mouse” tab.
5. install “hide my ip”. then drag it to your start menu.
6. Hover your mouse to “start menu”, you will see “Position” in the “AutoIt Window Info” like “35,761″. write down that to a piece of paper.
7. Then hover your mouse to the “hide my ip” in start menu. write the position on paper.
8. Now in the “SciTE Script Editor”, write this:
MouseClick(“left”, 42, 754, 1)
replace the position 42 & 754 with your start menu position.
9. Again write this:
MouseClick(“left”, 42, 754, 1)
replace the position 42 & 754 with your “hide my ip” position in start menu.
8. Now click on the icon of “hide my ip”. hide my ip will come up. Then hover your mouse to the “change ip” button. get the position.
then write:
MouseClick(“left”, 42, 754, 1)
replace the position 42 & 754 with your “hide my ip”s “change ip” button position.
9. now write:
the mouse will pause for 3 seconds. in this 3 second “hide my ip” will change the ip.
10. Open FireFox, Hover your mouse to “Tools”, then to the “clear private data”
[remember to tweak the setting on tools to not to ask before deleting and chose cookies and offline data to delete] get the positions of “tools” and “clear private data”
MouseClick(“left”, 42, 754, 1)
MouseClick(“left”, 42, 754, 1)
replace the 2 positions with proper positions.
11. then hover mouse to the reload button on FireFox
get the position and write on the script editor.
12. then write this
13. copy the whole script and then paste 5 times. Then change 5 “Sleep(7000)” to “Sleep(8000)” “Sleep(9000)” “Sleep(10000)” “Sleep(12000)”
this will give you random interval between each impression.
14. Copy the whole script again and paste 999999 times.[just kidding. paste it many time]
15. Run the script for 1 hour, it will give you about 300 impressions.
Getting the Clicks
1. Get a random referrer from the referrer.txt and double click on RefControl on Firefox.
click on “edit” then click “Custom” paste the referrer on the field.
2. Goto Tools>User agent switcher>Options>options….>user agnets>import
import the agent.xml file
then you will see a large list of user agent, chose any one of those.
3. Change your ip.
4. goto your site
5. Click on a ad.
6. Do NOT close the site immediately. if its a insurace ad fill up the forms with junk info and submite.
7. clear cookies and repeat the steps.

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