Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adsense Trick No1

How AdSense works, the basics
You put ads on your website, your visitor see those ads. and when they click on them you get money. if you are thinking that the whole thing is simple as that; then wake up, your in a dream.
Google place their ads, anyone can see them but google will start tracing them if they click on the ads. but the million dollar question is how they trace the clicker? here how they do it:
1. By Cookie.
2. By IP address.
3. By Referrer.
4. By User-agent.
5. Screen Resolution.

We will try to beat google in this tutorial. By hiding or faking those informations.
Now to the earing section. How google calculate earing. if you get your first visitor, your impression will be 1. Impression means now many times your ads are shown to the public. google will calculate the impressions and the clicks, and pay you that amount. But if your 1st visitor clicked on a ad, it will be suspicious. because google will do this calculation: